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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Size of MirageOS, too big now?

Hi Lucas,

On Thu, 2019-02-14 at 10:58 +0100, Lucas Pluvinage wrote:
> Hi,
> To dynamically enable -use-lto you can use 'env OCAMLPARAM=use-
> lto=1,_ 
> mirage build'.
> Using that command + 'strip -s' I'm not getting the same numbers as
> you:
>           | no lto | no lto+strip | lto | lto+strip
>   noop    | 2.4M   |   1.4M       | 1.1M| 668K
>   network | 4.3M   |   2.5M       | 1.9M| 1.1M

Sorry, it was may bad. I wrongly use "strip -x".
With "strip -s", I got the same number as above, way smaller than my
previous report. Thanks!!

> There's room for improvement in the lto patch so hopefully we can
> get 
> these numbers down.


> Regarding bytecode execution, you can tell OCaml to generate a C file
> in 
> which the bytecode is embedded (-custom -output-obj -o <name>.c).
> This exposes a 'caml_startup' function.
> After that you just need to link with 'libcamlrun.a' (216K).

Ok, good to know

Thank you for your help!!
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