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[MirageOS-devel] functoria 3.0

Hi all,

I'm releasing functoria 3.0, which use dune[1] to build config.ml instead of 


Switching the build system used by functoria to build config.ml gives us  some 
interesting new features:

- the removal of a few dynlink tricks which was error-prone and not possible 
(or difficult) on some non-standard architecture and for cross-compilation
- the ability to use additional dependencies (in the same folder or installed 
with opam) when writing configuration files
- the ability to write configuration files in an other syntax supported by dune 
(for instance reasonml) 

For now, this does not change the build system used to build the main unikernel 
application -- but thanks to Lucas Pluvinage[2], patches to do this are coming 
along nicely. We are in the process of integrating them upstream during the 
summer, with updated documentation for people to start playing with these.


[1]: https://dune.build/
[2]: https://www.lortex.org/
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