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[MirageOS-devel] [Poll] Please vote on date options for next year's Developer Summit (closes Wednesday, September 11)

Hi all,

we started planning next year’s Developer Summit, which is due to be in Europe. 
We have a venue in Bucharest, Romania secured but are still working through the 
details. As we are early, we do have several date options: so I wanted to give 
you a choice to vote, such that we end up with a date that works best for you

Note that the Linux Foundation event schedule for next year is VERY different 
from that of past years. Open Source Summit NA will be in the week of June 22nd 
and thus we are not considering an event 1 week before and 1 week after.

I did add the week post 4th of July: this could be a problem for some people in 
the US, but I left the slot in regardless. 

The poll is at 
 and closes Wednesday, September 11

Best Regards

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