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[MirageOS-devel] Using Ocaml math libraries in MirageOS?

Hi folks

Excuse the basic question, I am looking into the feasibility of using a MirageOS unikernel for some development work.
However this will require the use of some of the Ocaml maths libraries such as Lacaml or Owl.
I can see there is a list of Ocaml packages that seem to work out of the box with MirageOS.
However I cannot find any documentation about whether arbitrary Ocaml libraries can be compiled into a unikernel or how one would manage any dependencies these libraries might have (such as BLAS or LAPACK in the case of Lacaml).

Could anyone speculate as to whether this is possible or even worthwhile?
I think an MirageOS unikernel with some some Linear Algebra support would be most interesting.

Thanks in advance


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