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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Student Contributions to MirageOS

On 26 Sep 2019, at 23:15, Cason J Schindler <casonschindler@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello MirageOS Developers,

Jack Raney and I are third-year computer science students at The University of Texas at Austin. We have been tasked with contributing to an open source project that has some relation to our Virtualization course. We have browsed the issues on your GitHub page at https://github.com/mirage/mirage but would like to inquire about any specific issues that we could assist with over a couple months until the end of our fall semester (until around December). We could also contribute to multiple smaller issues. Please let us know if there is anything you think we could help with, and feel free to ask us questions about our experience if needed.

Hi Cason, Jack,

Great to hear from you!  If you’re working on virtualisation, you are probably most interested in the lower level pieces of the Mirage stack.

I’d suggest picking one of the backends that interests you, for example the Xen or Solo5 backends, and exploring that.  For Xen, one area that’s interesting and worth documenting is the bootup process and how Xenstore (the coordination daemon) is used. 

Martin Lucina can comment on Solo5 issues — there has just been a big release with multiple device support, so trying out network bridging or building a Solo5 RAID for block devices might be of interest given the newness of that feature.


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