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[MirageOS-devel] Projects for Students at the University of Texas in Austin

For whom may this concern,

I'm Jay, one of the students at the University of Texas in Austin majoring in Computer Science. This fall 2019 semester I'm taking a Virtualization course for understanding and building Hypervisors, Containers, and Unikernels. We would like to work on a project related to building features for Unikernels for this class.

We're a group of 3 people that'll be contributing to the project. We have learned about some different implementations of Unikernels, but we did not have any implementation experience for it. We have built core components of a working educational JOS hypervisor in this class. The deadline for finishing the project is December 12th. Could anyone please recommend us a list of possible Unikernel features projects for MirageOS or some point-of-contact for finding some good starter projects on MirageOS that can last 2 months?

Jie Hao (Jay) Liao
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