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[MirageOS-devel] UPDATE [Vote] For Xen Project Code of Conduct (deadline March 31st)

FYI, If you have voted in private for this (by replying directly to Lars), you'll need to re-send your vote to <community.manager@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (which is currently being redirected to Ian Jackson and myself).


On Fri, Jan 17, 2020 at 7:13 PM Lars Kurth <lars.kurth@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I propose to tally the votes after March 31st. You can reply via
+1: for proposal
-1: against proposal
in public or private.

Votes will be tallied by subproject – aka the Hypervisor and XAPI project by %
for the proposal - and then averaged across sub-projects that achieved the
quorum. The vote needs to achieve a 2/3 majority to pass.

Sub-project needs to achieve the following quorum of votes in favour for the
sub-project’s vote to count
Hypervisor: 3 + votes
XAPI: 2 + votes
Windows PV Drivers: 1 + votes

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