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Re: MirageOS and Unikernel.

On Fri 10 Jul 2020 at 17:05, Jason Long <hack3rcon@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Thank you Richard.
Kernel == The libraries that an App need to run.
Am I right?
In the Unikernel, no operating system exist and the Xen play the role of OS. Is it true?
The Xen hypervisor can do anything that an OS kernel do???
The source of photo is: https://github.com/cetic/unikernels

Can you show me a clear and better diagram about Unikernel?

The name unikernel means many different things. But a real unikernel has a definition. 
It does not need any hypervisor. It essentially needs a Virtual Machine Monitor layer that has nothing to do with Virtual Machine (VM). 
First of all, OS libraries, meaning the OS split into libraries, are linked to the app binary. 
No OS is needed anymore. 
Have a look at Rumprun unikernel for more information, and forget Docker’stuff. 
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