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Re: Proposal: Move IRC networks to oftc.net

Hi George,

thanks a lot for updating us. We have to admit that IRC was never really 
working well for us. We were connected through ZNC but not permanently 
available and the few newcomers that chose IRC often did not get immediate 
responses and disappeared before we could reply. We did better with the mailing 
list and GitHub issues and it happened that we preferred inviting newcomers and 
contributors to our self-hosted Mattermost instance. We would like to introduce 
an open system again but we did not settle on one yet. Since IRC did not work 
for us, please remove our IRC references from the Xen pages and we disable our 
freenode accounts. I will keep you updated with our alternative as soon as we 
have one.



On 26.05.21, 15:22, "Minios-devel on behalf of George Dunlap" 
<minios-devel-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on behalf of 
George.Dunlap@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    This message is because both MirageOS and Unikraft are listed as having IRC 
channels on freenode.net (see https://xenproject.org/help/irc/ ).

    There's been a situation developing on freenode for some time that came to 
a head last week. Since that time, the new operators of freenode have begun 
seizing control of any channel whose topic mentions moving to a new server. 
Furthermore, they have been using the number of people logged into freenode as 
evidence that the community supports their actions.

    In response to this, the main hypervisor project has decided to move to 
oftc.net effective immediately, and a number of us have deleted our freenode 
accounts ( 
https://lists.xenproject.org/archives/html/xen-devel/2021-05/msg01057.html ).

    If you're still using the IRC channel listed in that page, please consider 
following suit. If you're not using the IRC channel, let me know so I can 
delete references to it.

     -George Dunlap



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