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[xen-unstable-smoke test] 131692: regressions - trouble: blocked/fail

flight 131692 xen-unstable-smoke real [real]

Regressions :-(

Tests which did not succeed and are blocking,
including tests which could not be run:
 build-amd64                   6 xen-build                fail REGR. vs. 131689
 build-armhf                   6 xen-build                fail REGR. vs. 131689

Tests which did not succeed, but are not blocking:
 test-amd64-amd64-xl-qemuu-debianhvm-i386  1 build-check(1)         blocked n/a
 test-amd64-amd64-libvirt      1 build-check(1)               blocked  n/a
 build-amd64-libvirt           1 build-check(1)               blocked  n/a
 test-armhf-armhf-xl           1 build-check(1)               blocked  n/a

version targeted for testing:
 xen                  a2783e97fb220347bcf46583867782712a172710
baseline version:
 xen                  e5268a3ce35be2d0e1b910ef8a6b0ad4de3c3a1a

Last test of basis   131689  2019-01-02 15:00:36 Z    0 days
Testing same since   131692  2019-01-02 18:00:59 Z    0 days    1 attempts

People who touched revisions under test:
  Andrew Cooper <andrew.cooper3@xxxxxxxxxx>
  Ian Jackson <ian.jackson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

 build-amd64                                                  fail    
 build-armhf                                                  fail    
 build-amd64-libvirt                                          blocked 
 test-armhf-armhf-xl                                          blocked 
 test-amd64-amd64-xl-qemuu-debianhvm-i386                     blocked 
 test-amd64-amd64-libvirt                                     blocked 

sg-report-flight on osstest.test-lab.xenproject.org
logs: /home/logs/logs
images: /home/logs/images

Logs, config files, etc. are available at

Explanation of these reports, and of osstest in general, is at

Test harness code can be found at

Not pushing.

commit a2783e97fb220347bcf46583867782712a172710
Author: Andrew Cooper <andrew.cooper3@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date:   Wed Jan 2 10:26:51 2019 +0000

    docs: Remove Markdown from configure.ac and the build instructions
    Now that all use of markdown as been replaced with pandoc, drop it from
    configure.ac and from the docs/ Makefile.
    Instead of just deleting the markdown reference from README, adjust the line
    to mention the other optional packages required for documentation.
    Drop markdown from travis, but leave it in the docker containers as they get
    used for stable branches as well.
    Signed-off-by: Andrew Cooper <andrew.cooper3@xxxxxxxxxx>
    Acked-by: Ian Jackson <ian.jackson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

commit 8410fcb54ac808c19a030c6f0ec64e760ac64ca5
Author: Andrew Cooper <andrew.cooper3@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date:   Wed Jan 2 10:26:49 2019 +0000

    docs/man: Fix/simplify generation of manpages
    The original intent of this patch was to rename xen-vbd-interface.markdown.7
    to xen-vbd-interface.pandoc.7 to remove the final markdown file from the 
    The DOC_MANx lists are broken.  They contain MANxSRC-y twice, the first half
    with a partial %.pod substituation, and the second half with a partial
    %.markdown substitution.  This is also the root cause behind the filtering
    activity in the uninstall-man$(i)-pages rule.
    Furthermore, the logic for generating the manpage targets is unnecesserily
    repetative, owing to the layout of source files in the man/ directory.
    Therefore, tackle the problem by renaming all of our manpage source files 
    "$FORMAT.$SECTION" to "$SECTION.$FORMAT".  For the two xl.cfg.5 and xl.1 
    are preprocessed by autoconf to contain path information, this requires
    updating configure.ac and .gitignore.  The markdown to pandoc conversion is
    performed as well, as it is also a straight rename.
    An ancillary benefit of this renaming is that text editors stand a chance of
    being able to work out the correct mode to use.
    As for the makefile:
    1) Break the MAN_SECTIONS list out of the GENERATE_MANPAGE_RULES loop, as we
       are going to use it a second time.
    2) Do away with the individaul MANxSRC-y variables.  Use a single list,
       derived from all *.pod and *.pandoc files, with their format suffixes
    3) Use a $(foreach ...) to generate the DOC_MANx lists, filling them with 
       correct content.
    4) The DOC_HTML and DOC_TXT can now include all manpages with a single
       substitution, as they don't need to separate the manpages by
    5) Fix up the filenames in the manpage metarule to match the renaming.
    No functional change.
    Signed-off-by: Andrew Cooper <andrew.cooper3@xxxxxxxxxx>
    Acked-by: Ian Jackson <ian.jackson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

commit d661611d080c833092b8a26a5a43d343e08dd404
Author: Andrew Cooper <andrew.cooper3@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date:   Wed Jan 2 10:26:47 2019 +0000

    docs/markdown: Switch to using pandoc, and fix underscore escaping
    c/s a3a99df44 "docs/cmdline: Rewrite the cpuid_mask_* section" completely
    forgot about how markdown gets rendered to HTML (as opposed to PDF), because
    we use different translators depending on the destination format.
    markdown and pandoc are very similar markup languages, but a couple of 
    about pandoc cause it to have far more user-friendly inline markup.
    Switch all markdown documents to be pandoc (so we are using a single
    translator, and therefore a single flavour of markdown), which fixes the
    rendered docs on xenbits.xen.org/docs.
    While changing the format, fix the remainder of the escaped underscores in 
    same mannor as the previous patch.  The two problem cases here are __LINE__
    and __FILE__ where the first underscore still needs escaping.
    In addition, dmop.markdown and dom0less.markdown didn't used to get 
    as only .markdown files in the misc/ directory got considered.
    dom0less.pandoc gets picked up automatically now, due to being in the
    features/ directory, but designs/ needs adding to the pandoc directory list
    for dmop.pandoc to get processed.
    While edting in appropriate areas, take the opportunity to fix some markup 
    the surrounding style, and drop trailing whitespace.
    No change in content - only formatting.  This results in the text being 
    to read and grep.
    Signed-off-by: Andrew Cooper <andrew.cooper3@xxxxxxxxxx>
    Acked-by: Ian Jackson <ian.jackson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

commit 5020c170e2c77c52632d1455e383ce09e39b529d
Author: Andrew Cooper <andrew.cooper3@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date:   Wed Jan 2 10:26:45 2019 +0000

    docs/pandoc: Don't escape underscores in the middle of text
    Pandoc deliberately (and contrary to markdown) doesn't treat underscores in
    the middle of normal text as emphasis markers, as this is almost always the
    unhelpful interpretation.
    For text which is emphasised using _, an underscore in the middle is
    interpreted, but the emphasis marker can be switched to * instead.
    One problem case is where we use {} globbing with identifier names, as it
    counts as a word break.  Therefore, we do need to retain the escaped
    underscore immediately following a closing brace.
    No change in content - only formatting.  This results in the text being 
    to read and grep.
    Signed-off-by: Andrew Cooper <andrew.cooper3@xxxxxxxxxx>
    Acked-by: Ian Jackson <ian.jackson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
(qemu changes not included)

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