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[xen-unstable bisection] 149774: testing build-i386-prev

branch xen-unstable
xenbranch xen-unstable
job build-i386-prev
testid xen-build

Tree: xen prev git://xenbits.xen.org/xen.git

For bisection revision-tuple graph see:
Revision IDs in each graph node refer, respectively, to the Trees above.

Running cs-bisection-step 
--summary-out=tmp/149774.bisection-summary --basis-template=149741 
--blessings=real,real-bisect --flight=149774 xen-unstable build-i386-prev 
Searching for failure / basis pass:
 149752 fail [host=albana1] / 149741 [host=elbling1] 149726 [host=pinot0] 
149705 [host=italia0] 149695 [host=huxelrebe0] 149689 [host=italia0] 149667 
[host=fiano1] 149648 ok.
Failure / basis pass flights: 149752 / 149648
(tree with no url: ovmf prev)
(tree with no url: seabios prev)
Tree: xen prev git://xenbits.xen.org/xen.git
Latest b66ce5058ec9ce84418cedd39b2bf07b7c5a1f65
Basis pass 736da59cbe2752502ad863b6e71eb83352e22276
Generating revisions with ./adhoc-revtuple-generator  
Loaded 5001 nodes in revision graph
Searching for test results:
 149642 [host=huxelrebe0]
 149619 [host=fiano1]
 149627 [host=italia0]
 149605 pass irrelevant
 149634 [host=huxelrebe0]
 149648 pass 736da59cbe2752502ad863b6e71eb83352e22276
 149689 [host=italia0]
 149667 [host=fiano1]
 149695 [host=huxelrebe0]
 149705 [host=italia0]
 149741 [host=elbling1]
 149726 [host=pinot0]
 149752 fail b66ce5058ec9ce84418cedd39b2bf07b7c5a1f65
 149770 !! flight 149770 no revisions or trees
Searching for interesting versions
 Result found: flight 149648 (pass), for basis pass
 Result found: flight 149752 (fail), for basis failure
Need to reproduce basis pass (pass); had 1 already.
Should test 736da59cbe2752502ad863b6e71eb83352e22276.
Revision graph left in 
Populating 149774...
Need 149774.build-i386-prev (like 149752)
Creating 149774.build-i386-prev (copying from 149752)
Checking for flail (since 149648)...
Flight 149774 ready to go.



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