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[Publicity] Planning not to have a Xen Project booth at LinuxCon NA and EU

Hi all,

I had a discussion with the Linux Foundation at OSCON, where we discussed Xen Project booth presence for both LinuxCon events.

LinuxCon NA:
We have 3 Xen related talks accepted in the main program (on the 16th and 17th of September) and a full day of Xen Project User Summit on the 18th. Some really good submissions too. We felt, that the project has had enough exposure and that for this reason we will not get much extra benefits from the booth. One option which was discussed (but is still open) is to have a Xen Project T-Shirts or stickers in the conference bag that each LinuxCon attendee gets.

LinuxCon EU:
We don't know yet which talks have been accepted. However, I expect that we will get some Xen related talks. Also, we will have the Xen project developer summit on October 24-25, so again we felt that the project has enough exposure. Enough to not need a booth and have one at onather open source event instead (e.g. a user facing event such as LISA '13). If we need to do a demo of something big (just speculating), we could always do this at the Xen Summit, pre-announce, have it recorded and/or allow tech media to attend the demo session.

Unless somebody objects, I assume this approach works for everyone involved.

Best Regards

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