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[Publicity] Blog Czar update, week of August 19

Hi everyone

Dario is enjoying his vacation so I'm helping to cover next week's blog
schedule. Forgive me if you've been harassed by Dario or Russell before. :-)

Below is the blog update for August.

 * Indirect descriptors for disk IO
 * Xen User Summit
 * Converting non-Xen images

We have following people from Citrix Xen platform team in the pipeline:
 * Ian Jackson (next week)
 * Anthony Perard (next next week)
 * Ian Campbell
 * Wei Liu

Ian Jackson said he would try to come up with something for Xen and Debconf13,
which is really a good topic for next week. However it is not yet set in stone.

I would also like to encourage people on the list to tell us what they would
like to share with the community so that we can schedule guest posts on the
community blog. We've had wonderful posts from the community and we would like
to see more. So if you think you have anything worth blogging, don't hesitate
to email the list.


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