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Re: [Publicity] LinuxCon NA event report blog post?

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  • Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2013 15:56:32 +0100
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given that Wei's post is ready and I need to put together one for Xen Dev Summit and we are a lready a little late for a LC report, let's just drop it. We did post a few pictures on Google+. The only thing which may make sense, would be a very short one today:
  • Pointing to the pictures
  • Pointing to the presentations  (including user summit)
  • And maybe the two press articles which came out of LinuxCon

On 25/09/2013 14:10, Russell Pavlicek wrote:
FWIW, I am putting together a Xen User Summit wrap-up for Linux.com, which we can crosspost after publication.  However, we'd like to embed a video or two, and those won't be ready until the end of this week.  So I will be creating the wrap-up piece today and leave it unpublished on the blog until all the pieces come together.

For the curious, the slides to several of the User Summit talks are on the Linux Foundation site right now.  I intend to put them into Slideshare and the XenProject.org slides area later today as well.

All that said, there is still room for someone to write a (presumably) short piece regarding Xen at LinuxCon/CloudOpen proper.  Any takers?  Ian, maybe an assessment of the house bands on Bourbon Street?  ;)

Russ Pavlicek
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From: Lars Kurth
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I am planning a Xen Dev Summit post today or tomorrow. If Russell, Ian or Matt could pick this up, I'd be grateful


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Subject: LinuxCon NA event report blog post?

Hello everyone,

So, I was wondering if anyone, among the people that have been there, would be up for a blog post about how LinuxCon NA in New Orleas went, in general, and wrt to the Xen Project, of course. :-)

It would be best to have it by the end of the week, I guess.

Thanks and Regards,

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