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[Publicity] Opening the Xen Project FOSDEM booth for related projects / demos / etc.

Hi all,


I did a quick straw poll of related projects to see whether there is interest by related projects (or companies) to show demos at our booth. It seems that there is interest (as was last year). I wanted to build on this: last year this worked really well both for the Xen Project, as well as the people/companies demoing.

== Constraints ==
* Demos need to run within/on top of/use Xen somehow ...

* There needs to be an open source angle of what is shown. Showing a demo of something that is purely commercial would backfire with the FOSDEM crowd. I think we can make exceptions, in cases where there is a real *WOW* or *coolness* factor (such as some of the Xen+Android demos we have seen at the Developer Summit)

* We would restrict time to two hours (we can extend depending on interest)

* For those interested, you need to be able to bring and set up the demo easily (i.e. it needs to be able to run on something portable, otherwise the logistics would be too hard). Again, I am willing to relax this, BUT the project/vendors will need to handle any logistical challenges themselves. Note, that the FOSDEM exhibition area is *not at all secure*. So you need to bring and then take away, what you have.

* While they are there: Allow projects/vendors to have some hand-outs at our booth. I also don't mind if you were to hand out swag while you are there. Last year, we had co-branded CentOS + Xen swag, which worked really well.  BUT: we can't store any swag and cant be responsible for anything related to logistics. Note that FOSDEM does not help in any way either - the only way to do this is to send materials to your hotel room and bring it to the booth.

In terms of process: reply to this thread (or start a new one with "FOSDEM booth demo <name>" in the title and send it to publicity@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx). If we get a lot of proposals, we will need to have a selection process of some sorts.

== Logistics ==
I am following up with Karen on
* Sending the pop-up booth (we may need to rebrand some of it). It is also possible that the booth is needed for Scale 12x in LA, which is close to FOSDEM : if this is the case, I will skip the booth and just have our pop-up
* Getting a new Xen Project table cloth
* Getting some swag: I need to ask the Linux Foundation to do some new designs. I am asking for swag budget from the Project's fund in today's board meeting . The fallback is that Citrix will pay for swag, but then there will be "Open @ Citrix" somewhere on it.
* Rebranding the pop-up banner from Xen.org to Xen Project


Best Regards


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