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Re: [Publicity] Interesting article about Software Defined Data Center & Virtualization

Right.  Virtualization is now a component, rather than the goal, of IT
plans. SDDC will continue to heat up.  The user communities for
hypervisors will continue to become more abstract and indirect (kind
of like the user community for glibc).

The VMware/Cisco quote highlights the future while seemingly missing
the point: the vendor lock-in of the future in the datacenter will be
software, not hardware.  VMware knows this and has hurried down that
road in order to get its piece of that pie.

People have asked me what's the difference between the Xen Project
hypervisor and those from closed source commercial sources.  My reply
is that our goal is to provide virtualization capabilities to your
solution, regardless of what your cloud looks like or your SDDC
architecture.  Many vendors get you to use their hypervisor and then
pressure you to adopt their version of cloud or SDDC.  We don't do
that; we want to enable your solution for your datacenter, not squeeze
you into our mold.  And given the year-to-year changes in both cloud
and SDDC, it strikes me as way too early to commit too thoroughly to
any one vendor's vision for the future.  By staying open and modular,
avoiding vendor lock-in, you stay nimble enough to move with the
market over time.  That message uniformly resonates well with
audiences so far.


On Tue, Apr 1, 2014 at 3:22 PM, Sarah Conway
<sconway@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> FYI,
> Article makes the case that server virtualization has plateaued, but that
> SDDC is where vendors like VMWare have now set their sights.
> The author makes the case that VMWare is well positioned to extend into the
> data center.
> "Additionally, VMware is a software company and, because of this fact, it
> has no reason to steer or lock customers into specific hardware. That's a
> distinct advantage over others like Cisco that want to sell you mostly
> proprietary systems."
> http://www.networkcomputing.com/data-center/the-software-defined-data-center-potenti/240166880
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