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Re: [Wg-openstack] Xen+Libvirt OpenStack monthly June meeting

On 06/25/2015 05:49 AM, Lars Kurth wrote:
Note, that this meeting is open to members of the Xen Project community. If you want to be invited drop me a line.

= Attendees =

* Lars Kurth )Xen Project)

* Bob Ball (Citrix)

* Michael Glasgow (Oracle)

* Stefano Stabellini (Citrix)

* Anthony Perard (Citrix)

* Jim Fehlig (Suse)

= Agenda =

Note that there are a few call to action item's in the agenda, which we could not resolve on the call.

== Transfer of account to Xen Project ==

** Accounts are set up, account name is xenlibvirtci and is registered to libvirt-openstack-ci@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:libvirt-openstack-ci@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

** At last week's Advisory Board meeting we agreed to allow the transfer

Bob: Asks whether authorisation and billing is in place?

Lars: Correct, we can get the work started now

== Official OpenStack documentation ==

** We asked to backport necessary patches to Xen 4.5.1 and 4.4.3 and Lars will put together the docs

** With Xen 4.5.1 out as of today, I can get started with this

Lars asked whether anyone is willing to help with reviews of the documentation

Bob will review

Michael Glasgow: happy to have a look also, but is not yet that familiar with OpenStack

Jim: Happy to look at libvirt portion of the documentation

Bob: When also asked when we will start using Xen 4.5.1 + libvirt 1.2.15 in the CI environment vs. the baseline with patches

Bob: The proposal would be to use official packages

Anthony: Xen 4.5.1 not in any distro yet, but can this be done

[Aside, these patches will also make it into Xen 4.4.3, when it comes out in a few weeks]

It seems some of the recommended libxl patches do not apply cleanly to the 4.4 branch


How is that resolved? Will Ian, as the tools maintainer for stable branches, backport those? Or is the requester expected to backport patches that don't apply cleanly, and submit them to the stable branch tools maintainer?


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