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Re: [Wg-openstack] [Wg-test-framework] Xen+Libvirt OpenStack monthly June meeting

Bob had another look and let me know the version 2 looks good. If I don't
receive any more feedback by tomorrow (or an ask for more time to review),
I will push the changes tomorrow.

On 01/07/2015 15:53, "Lars Kurth" <lars.kurth@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Jim, Bob,
>I addressed the review comments you both made, except for some of the
>XenServer related stuff. Please find attached a new version.
>* Added link to Xen/libvirt section from XenServer docs
>From page 236:
>* Added references to SLE and openSuse
>* Clarified Xen Boot Options (bullet 1 & 2) under Additional Configuration
>* Added bullet 4 "Image Formats" to Additional Configuration Options
>* Added bullet 5 "Image Metatdata" to Additional Configuration Options
>* Added a troubleshooting section - I don't have more knowledge at this
>stage to add more detail
>Best Regards

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