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[Wg-openstack] Minutes of the Aug 26 OpenStack WG meeting

= Attendees =

Lars Kurth

Joao Martins (Oracle)

Bob Ball (Citrix)

Anthony / Stefano on PTO

= Action Update = 

* Konrad pinged Michael - need to discuss next steps (arrange a call with Alexey Petrenko)

* Joao: looked at the extra tempest tests to see if it makes sense to run them - has an update and will send more info later (more formally). 

** Has some patches and has done some investigation

** Has done some more analysis, but needs to put it together into an email for wg-openstack@

** It appears that around 50% of the Tempest tests do not currently run. Seems that some migration tests do not run (because native migration uses a different API than those in KVM leading to some tests on Tempest not run)

Bob: lack of live migration tests is worrying

Bob: Neutron we know about and we will look into this

Bob: Whether we want to follow other services such as cinder, we need to decide what we need/want and can get away with

Joao: do we need to run all tempest tests for group A?

Bob: probably this is correct and this is a risk for the project

= CI-loop Maintenance =

ACTIONS: Stefano to set up call between Stefano/Alexey/Bob when people are back from PTO

= Pending Commits & Lack of review comments = 

ACTIONS: Anthony needs to jump on IRC and raise the profile of his bugs

Bob: there is a weekly libvirt-openstack IRC meeting to raise the profile of issues

= Test Failures the last 24 hours = 

Bob: did some analysis of the last 24 

just had a look at the last 24 hours worth of tests.

61 passes, 10 failures.


Of those 10 failures, I think 8 of them were false negatives â i.e. Iâm pretty sure the CI should have passed them. Iâm sure it doesnât have any false positives.


Therefore around 12% of tests that should pass are failing and there is still a lot of work to do before we should try pushing for integration in âinfraâs CI or Group A status.


Bob: it would make sense to go through the list of test failures and eliminate test failures we think should be fixed via pending fixes to nova/...

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