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Re: [Wg-openstack] Minutes from Sept 23rd WG meeting

> ACTION: Joao (see below)
> ** Joao: Waiting for some libvirt changes (peer-2-peer, ...) - Joao will 
> reply with more info in the minutes
> ** Joao: Libvirt patches are still under "ACTIVE" review by Jim
> ** Joao: there is a potential OpenStack fix, but the best solution is in 
> libvirt
> Had short discussion about OpenStack workflow. Bob suggested to submit a fix 
> for Mitaka release and request back port for Liberty
> ** Bob: what;s the status of these patches? Is there some help needed from 
> the group?
> ** Jim/Joao: there have been comments, but additional reviews from Xen 
> community members would help

Joao, you could repost them and also include xen-devel mailing list on CC (I 
don't think
the inititial round had that?)

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