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[Wg-openstack] Minutes from the 21 Oct WG Meeting

Hi all,

these are the notes that I took during the meeting.




= CI-loop: general status =

Around the time of the last WG meeting, the Xen Project CI-loop had
issues. By now they have been solved and the CI-loop is working properly

= CI-loop: maintenance =

Bob hasn't arranged a meeting with Alexey yet.

ACTION: Bob is going to send an email to meet up with Alexey during the
OpenStack Summit in Tokyo next week.

= CI-loop: progress and open issues =

- race between nova and xen vif scripts
A little progress was made: a patch was applied. The others are still
under review.

- OpenStack in OSSTest
Anthony sent a few new iterations of his series and now they should very
close to getting in.

- Three Tempest tests explicitely name a block device "vda", which is a
virtio block name and doesn't work with Xen. We need to figure out a way
forward on this.

ACTION: Anthony is going to follow up on these issues

- Migration with OpenStack, Libvirt and Xen
Joao is working on two patch series to make live-migration work with
OpenStack and Libvirt. The reviews are going well but the series won't
make the next libvirt release, which is 1.2.21. They are likely to be in
the following one, which is going to be either 1.2.22 or 1.3 depending
on the versioning scheme. With Joao's patches applied, live-migration
works fine.

ACTION: Joao is going to follow up on these series

= Other topics =

Next week is OpenStack Summit in Tokyo. Bob is the only one attending
from this group. Reach out to him if you have any topics to discuss.

Last month at Linaro Connect Stefano showed a demo of OpenStack with Xen
and Libvirt on CentOS 7 on an ARM64 server. Xen, Libvirt and OpenStack
were all installed using regular CentOS packages. Xen and Libvirt rpms
are already online on the CentOS ARM64 reporsitories. OpenStack packages
are still pending but should be coming soon.

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