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Re: [Wg-openstack] Next week's OpenStack meeting - Call for Agenda items

I suggest that, with both Lars and Stefano out, we skip next weekâs call unless others have burning topics to discuss?


We can cover the below actions over email.


Regarding my action to set up a meeting with Alexey, I did send an email suggesting a quick catch-up but a meeting didnât happen.




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I won't be able to chair next Thursday's Libvirt meeting as I am in China and the call time is well past midnight. Stefano is on vacation. With this in mind:

A) Would anyone volunteer to chair the meeting and take notes and send them to this list

B) What do you want to discuss â I am assuming there is enough to talk about, given that the OpenStack summit took place recently


I also wanted to remind you of any open actions, which are

ACTION: Bob is going to send an email to meet up with Alexey during the OpenStack Summit in Tokyo next week.
- Migration with OpenStack, Libvirt and Xen
ACTION: Joao is going to follow up on these series
- Three Tempest tests explicitely name a block device "vda", which is a
ACTION: Anthony is going to follow up on these issues

Best Regards


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