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[Wg-openstack] Call for Agenda Items for this week's meeting

Hi all,

it's time to collate agenda items for next week's meeting again. Please forward them as usual to the list, such that I can put together an agenda.

As for the minutes of the last meeting, see http://lists.xenproject.org/archives/html/wg-openstack/2016-01/msg00011.html, which included the following action items. The actions which I do not know whether they were completed, or are open are marked in yellow.

ACTION (Lars): Add Portugese number to invite, as Joao is based in Portugal (done)

= State of libvirt patches for improving interop with OpenStack ==

Joao has both of the patches and wanted to follow up on Friday, but has not done so because of the freeze.

Joao will follow up on Friday, which Jim should see. Fixes related to outstanding crashes are coming in the next release.

Lars: John Garbutt has a talk at FOSDEM


ACTION (done): Lars to reach out to John re FOSDEM

Met John briefly at FOSDEM. We didn't go into a lot of detail regarding our CI loop, other that John seems to be generally fairly happy with how we have run our CI loop

== Docs for Xen+LIBVIRT ==


ACTION (done): Lars to send a link to the docs on the list and ask for review 

Note, docs are at http://docs.openstack.org/liberty/config-reference/content/xen_libvirt.html

Got good feedback


ACTION (open): Lars will make mods and upstream 


ACTION (done): Joao to point Lars to this issue in the docs (e.g. add to troubleshooting section)



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