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[Wg-openstack] Minutes of Today's OpenStack WG meeting

== Attendees  ===
Anthony Perard (Citrix)
Lars Kurth (Citrix)
Jim Fehlig (Suse)
Michael Glasgow (Oracle)
Joao Martin (Oracle)

== Agenda ==
== Tempest in OSSTEST not yet working ==
Lars: all the infrastructure work to enable this is in place

Anthony: have an issue with DevStack trying to use systemd and thus fails.
There may be an issue with the Dom0 Debian version we use - Anthony is not
entirely sure. Another set of issues are due to networking issues due to
the changes from nova-network to Neutron.

Lars: asked whether we test the latest xen-unstable tip against the tip of
Anthony: yes

Lars: thinks that this is maybe a bad idea, for a few reasons:
a) fixing openstack should reduce complexity
b) we don't want a lot of noise due to openstack failing; in addition we
have the CI loop which tests openstack-unstable against a fixed xen version

In other words, we should fix libvirt and openstack and test against

Jim: points out that we could do what we do for QEMU; test against a known
baseline and unstable
Lars: I think this may be a goal in future, but for now we do have
capacity issues in OSSTEST. Should not really do this until we have the
2nd rack in place

Lars: asked whether there are stable OpenStack branches
Michael: Yes, OpenStack upstream-stable for now, but although everyone
wants them there is not enough manpower in the OpenStack community to
maintain them. So they may go away in future.
Lars: asks whether OpenStack upstream-stable gets bug fixes and security
Michael: security updates only

After a bit of discussion we all agreed that testing against OpenStack
upstream-stable probably makes most sense
Anthony: agrees

== New Bugs ==
See https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/1694736
Feel free to look into these and comment

== Other Updates ==
Jim: some new functionality was added to Libvirt (some work may be
applicable for OpenStack, but may not be)
* Support Nested HVM was added
* Passing through host USB devices
* VNC/Spice improvements
* NUMA topology functionality (we are probably behind on NUMA and Xen).
Joao confirms that OpenStack uses NUMA
All these came in on the last 2 releases

Jim not working on new Xen & OpenStack features at the moment. Working on
fixing incorrect LibVirt documentation (much of the Xen docs were a mix of
old/new toolstack): reworking all those docs.

Jim offers to CC xen-devel and lars on relevant doc patches that affect
Lars: agrees

Also working on lots of re-factoring and other clean-up changes. Hopefully
all this should be done before the next release.

Joao: fixed/fixing a number of issues - e.g.
* host NUMA topology (exposing that to guests): requires libvirt changes
as these are not in KVM
* worked on nested HVM
* CPUID normalisation: this will touching quite a few things in libvirt
and may require some input from libvirt maintainers.
I believe Joao is working with Wim and Ankur on these. Some of these
changes should appear in the next 2-3 weeks on libvirt.

Wim should start join these meetings relatively soon

== Developer Summit / Events ==
Attending: Joao + Daniel + Ankur coming (but Wim + Michael will not come)
Attending: Lars
Not Attending: Anthony not going, vacation plans
Not Attending: Jim has vacation plans

== AOB ==
Lars will be able to host the next meeting, but may be late asking for
agenda items

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