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[Wg-openstack] Minutes of OpenStack WG meeting 28 June, 2017

== Attendees ==

Anthony Perard (Citrix)

Michael Glasgow (Oracle)

Lars Kurth (Xen project, chair)

Joao Martins (Oracle)

Please send links to patches/reviews as appropriate, such that others can have a look. Feel free to correct me.

== Agenda ==


  • Posted second round of patches regarding NUMA support on libvirt. Could comments. Positively received. This will be a first where Xen has features in libvirt first. Ability to specify distance between local - remote notes, which will reflect the topology. This improves performance on some NUMA architectures.
  • Someone else from Oracle posted a Nova patch to change the default of disk IF to Xen. There have been comments so far. The OpenStack community is wondering how to proceed with this. 
  • Andrew is working on something similar in Xen (CPUID project - topology is one of the topics there)


  • CI loop is working fine
  • OSSTEST/Tempest: developed a patch series (solved issues he had at the last meeting) - posted the series, with some comments, but these still need to be addressed.


  • LinuxCon in LA in September, but planning to spend a few days before or after in Austin (where Michael is located)
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