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[Wg-openstack] Shutting down the Xen Project OpenStack CI Loop

Dear WG members,


for a while now, we have had difficulties maintaining the Xen Project OpenStack CI loop. During the 2017 Advisory Board planning, the Advisory Board decided to keep funding the CI Loop in the hope that others would step up and help maintain the CI loop and provides someone who can act as interface between the OpenStack community and the Xen Project. Unfortunately, this has not happened, so in this year’s budget meeting, the board decided to stop funding the CI Loop. Unless someone steps up by Feb 16, we will have to switch off the CI loop for good.


My understanding by talking to Bob Ball and Anthony Perard, we would simply switch off reporting and then stop the CI loop and see what happens. According to Bob, there won’t be much impact, because the OpenStack community has stopped trusting the CI loop some time ago. Also, it is conceivable that some of the mitigations for Spectre / Meltdown may in fact lead to not being able to run tempest using the current set-up, or that the cost could go up significantly.


I do think, we should set up an impromptu meeting to discuss immediate next steps: how about Jan 30 at 15:00


I am willing to continue the monthly meetings to track libvirt related work, as this has been proven useful in its own right.




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