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[Wg-test-framework] Vote results: Community Representative, Face-2-face meetings

Hi everyone,

> *[Vote1]* I would like to invite a community representative to join 
> the WG. The process is to ask for a volunteer on the mailing lists and 
> for that volunteer to be confirmed by a community vote. The rep would 
> have an equal vote to all of you.

3 votes in favour, no objections.  The vote carries. 
I will send out a mail to the xen-devel list in a moment to ask for a community 
representative on the WG to self-nominate. Hopefully he/she can be confirmed 
before the next WG meeting and attend.

> *[Vote2]* Linux Foundation Collab Summit is from March 26-28 in NAPA. 
> This is an opportunity for a face-2-face meeting. Please vote +1, if rep to 
> step up
> you are planning to attend

Not enough traction for a face-2-face meeting in March. So let's not do it. 

Let me introduce Doug Clark, who is Staff SW Engineer in the Citrix Test team. 
Doug works for Chris Shepherd and may take over as Citrix representative on the 
Test WG at some point. Doug, you can find the list archive at 

I will be adding Doug to the WG mailing list and he will participate at the 
next WG meeting. I will propose the agenda for the next WG meeting later today.

Best Regards

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