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[Wg-test-framework] [Minutes] February Test WG meeting

== Attendees ==

* Aravind Gopalakrishnan (AMD, voting)
* Chris Shepherd (Citrix, voting)
* Doug Clark (Citrix, helping Chris with detailed technical tasks)
* Ian Jackson (Citrix, community representative, voting)
* Don Slutz (Verizon, voting)
* Don Dugger (Intel, voting)


== Agenda ==

See http://lists.xenproject.org/archives/html/wg-test-framework/2014-02/msg00002.html


* Get agreement on some of the basic principles in the draft plan (strawman)

** The split between short term and long term goals

** Agreement by stake-holders, i.e. Ian Jackson and Chris Shepherd, to provide the information that we need in the short and long term

** Identify a technical leader : in the best case a WG member volunteers and will be confirmed by the group.

*** If nobody steps up, we would set a deadline.

*** If the deadline passes and still nobody steps up, I will need to ask the Advisory Board for advice on how to proceed and whether a shared Test Infrastructure is still viable

** Identify a deputy who will work alongside me on non-technical questions

* As a stretch goal, we may be able to approve sections of the plan, or the entire plan


=== Agree basic principles of plan ===

The group has agreed to the plan as outlined in http://lists.xenproject.org/archives/html/wg-test-framework/2014-02/msg00002.html


Aravind asked whether we are still planning to get XenRT running on OUSL.

Chris apologized for the slow progress and will look into this. I think the plan is still to do this.


=== Technical Leadership ===

Don Slutz stepped up as technical leader and coordinator for the group. The group confirmed Don. Ian Jackson and Doug Clark will work closely with Don. We will use the mailing list for further discussion.


In summary: Doug and Ian will collaborate to define the community use-cases and the sw test framework we will put in place to meet them – both in the short term and with options for longer term evolution (possibly to meet different use-cases etc). They will share know-how on osstest and xenrt. We do not believe that the hw infrastructure requirements will differ between these two scenarios. This info will be used to spec out the hw infrastructure requirements. They will send these to Don, who will lead the effort to define and implement the lab solution including sys admin.


{{Action|Ian + Doug Clark}} Send a list of hw requirements covering both osstest and xenrt use-cases to the list for further review before the next meeting


We also had a discussion about development hw (Intel stated they could make some available). We all agreed that development hw (rather than production hw) should not be covered in the short term regression test environment. But it would be a valuable longer term goal to grant access to development hardware.


{{Action|Don}} Start collating a list of long-term requirements and issues on the Xen Project wiki. Add the requirement of access to “development boxes“ to it


We then had a discussion about several current issues …


==== Sysadmin Support ====


* Ian raised the issue that sysadmin support is too thinly spread

* The big issue is how we turn the “budget” into a sysadmin resource. We have several options:

** Some Colo’s sell percentage of a time of a person as part of the package. Don knows a number of Colo’s which do this. This would include installing machines, software on machines, serviced backups, etc.

** Other – less desirable options were – to employ a sysadmin through a Xen [project AB member company


{{Action|Don}} Investigate Colo options for support and report back to the group


==== Required Initial Capacity ====


Chris and Doug were asking what the load of the current test OSSTEST system is.

* Ian: we have 11 machines and test staging branches and xen-unstable. Currently a test run takes 6-8 hours and there is always a delay of several hours when changes are tested via the pushgate. In other words we have a bottleneck today.

* After some discussion, we came to the conclusion that demand will likely grow as we add extra capacity.


We concluded that the short term plan should  cover 2-3 times the capacity we have now. The tentative agreement was that this should be doable under or within the budget. We can then grow as needed.


{{Action|Ian}} Once we have some of the details (aka Actions above) resolve, Ian will send the agreed hw spec to the developer lists (xen-devel, xen-api and mirageos) for review and input


==== Holiday cover ====

Lars will be on holiday for the next meeting. Chris volunteered to chair the next meeting


{{Action|Lars}} Send Chris call details

{{Action|Lars}} Chris to agree agenda and post meeting minutes for March meeting



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