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[Wg-test-framework] Thursday's test framework WG meeting

Hi all,


I have still been catching up on being away and nearly missed putting together the agenda.


I don’t have anything concrete, but we do have open actions.


* Action: Ian to send out detailed hardware requirements to all, all to reply with thoughts on what manufacturers and cpu’s need to be bought to give us right mix.

Action: DonS to continue investigating colo providers large and small, and to make proposals / recommendations back to the WG.

So my proposal would be to make as much progress on these during the meeting as possible. Please let me know of any other agenda items that you may want to add.


With the CFP for the Developer Summit coming up (May 2nd), I would also like to ask whether you believe it would make sense to submit a “Test WG update talk” for the summit. Obviously the content will pretty much depend on progress we make between now and August and has to be necessarily vague.


Best Regards


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