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[Wg-test-framework] Minutes of May Test Framework WG meeting

Sorry, the last set of notes was meant to be for May

On 09/05/2014 17:48, Lars Kurth wrote:
== Attendees ==
* Chair (until the group is self sufficient and bootstrapped): Lars Kurth
* Verizon: Don Slutz (Lead)
* Community Rep: Ian Jackson
* AMD: Aravind Gopalakrishnan
* Citrix: Chris Sheperd
* Oracle: Marcos Matsunaga

We started off with a quick round of introductions as Marcos joined teh call for the first time

== Actions ==
* {{Action|Don}} Continue investigating a local hosting / COLO option
** Don investigated http://www.earthlinkbusiness.com/cloud/data-center/colocation.xea (313 Boston Post Road, Suite 190, Marlborough, MA 01752)
** He is blocked on a number of questions (see below)
* {{Action|IanJ }} {{Done}} Consider submitting a tutorial (or finding someone who would be willing to do so) -

== Agenda ==

=== Hardware Shopping List (Ian) ===
Don had provided some comments to Ian's initial proposal - see http://lists.xenproject.org/archives/html/wg-test-framework/2014-04/msg00002.html

{{Action|Ian}}  Get back to Don on the list

=== Earthlink Business COLO (Don) ===
The provider is 10 miles from Don's house and

Don was blocked on a number of questions
* Address for the invoices to goto
{{Action|Lars}} {{Tick}} Provide info to Don such that provider can issue a quote  - see http://wiki.xenproject.org/wiki/Checklist/Invoicing_the_Xen_Project

* How long a contact (12 months or more)
We agreed to go fro 12 months for now

* How much network bandwidth.
Bandwidth is only needed for pulling git trees and downloading / displaying results logs
The '''free''' bandwith coming with the package should be sufficient

IanJ: Can the colo provide the required sysadmin request
Don: the provider seems to have more sysadmin support than most other providers he has dealt with in the past. Don thinks they can provide what we need. They would charge us on an hourly contract basis.

Don: Had some questions about what we would need for backup. They have a second data centre we could back up to
IanJ: We only really need backup in case a host dies. This can be to a different machine in the same COLO

=== Hackathon Prep (Don, Ian, Lars) ===
Sit together at Xen Project Hackathon and discuss:
* Quote
* Sysadmin
* Backup
* Any other items that have come up by then

=== Chairmanship ===
Lars indicated that he wants to give up chairmanship of this meeting, but would continue to attend the meeting to help with questions related to interfacing with the Linux Foundation (e.g. procurement, inventory, etc.)

{{Action|Lars}} {{Tick}} Lars to find a chair : Chris agreed to do this
{{Action|Lars}} Lars to hand over meeting details to Chris

=== Longer Term Planning ===
Lars raised the question as to whether we should start to think about the longer term.
We agreed to focus on the migration for now : this should avoid issues such as the recent issue where our tests went out due to Citrix IT making changes to the firewall that broke the Xen Project

Chris: are there any tactical short term things we can do?
Ian: the answer is no. But note that our test coverage has been widening due to increased OSSTEST contributions

IanJ: thinks that we should be able to have migrated within 3 months (assuming the COLO and HW is sorted in time)

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