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[win-pv-devel] [PATCH 0/5] Make XENVIF package group aware

Windows has had the notion of processor groups for some time and it
is becoming increasingly hard to ignore them, even though an HVM guest
will have no more processors than would fit into a single group.

This series follows on from my recent patch series for XENBUS to do
the same thing for XENBUS. Similarly it removes use of non-group-aware
API functions and adds use of their group-aware equivalents. Doing this
also required changes to get rid of static arrays based on

Patch #1 puts util.h in the place where it should be.

Patch #2 fixes line endings.

Patch #3 updates to a newer set of Xen headers, and also refines
get_xen_headers.py slightly to handle the git add. Note that this patch
is not a simple update to new headers though as recent changes in xen.git
had some fallout and meant some re-arrangement of the headers was required.

Patch #4 fixes some obvious stupidity in the vcxproj files

Patch #5 actually changes the API calls from non-group-aware to
group-aware and does the other necessary re-factoring, including updating
to the latest XENBUS EVTCHN interface.

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