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Re: [win-pv-devel] [Xen-users] Recommended Windows PV drivers? (+ GPLPV issues)



  Please take a look at http://xenproject.org/downloads/windows-pv-drivers. These drivers are actively developed (they are the basis of the XenServer PV drivers) and are reasonably stable at the moment. There have been some problems with XENVBD reported on the list recently but I will be looking into these as soon as I can.






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adding the Windows PV driver list 



On 19 Aug 2015, at 01:44, Chris Takemura <ctakemura@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


Hi everyone,


What's the status of the various PV driver projects?  Which drivers would be recommended for end-users who just want PV drivers that work?  I've been something of a fan of the GPL PV drivers, but meadowcourt.org has been down for a while, and I don't think there have been recent updates.  There are the erstwhile Xenserver drivers, but my impression is that they're under development and not ready for actual use.


I would be entirely happy with the GPL PV drivers, but it seems like XenPCI isn't hiding all the emulated block devices --  I have one machine with 5 emulated disks, 4 ATA and 1 SCSI.  I still see one disk attached to ATA channel 1 and one disk on the SCSI controller.  Neither of these is the system disk.  XenVBD is attaching to all 5 disks, but some of the disks are (rightly) disabled because of signature collision.




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