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[win-pv-devel] Advice on evtchn interrupt handling


I found an issue in my evtchn handling in xeniface that I'm not sure how
to properly fix. Namely, the interrupt callback that's assigned for a
particular channel can be called before its queued DPC (that signals the
caller-provided event) finishes. In such case the interrupt callback
fails to insert the DPC again and an event is lost, potentially causing
a vchan "deadlock" down the way.

Any advice on how to approach this? The interrupt callback runs at
HIGH_LEVEL which is an issue when it comes to synchronization with some
other code that could take care of such "pending" events.

Also I wonder if the kernel differentiates DPCs only by their KDPC
address, or also by arguments passed to KeInsertQueueDpc()?

RafaÅ WojdyÅa
Qubes Tools for Windows developer

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