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Re: [win-pv-devel] USB driver

Hello Fabio,

Tuesday, December 15, 2015, 10:44:25 AM, you wrote:

> If you need use usb passthrough from dom0 working now without wait new
> patches in development (that support will also hotplug) you can use 
> these parameters in domU xl cfg instead usb=1 and usbdevice:

Have you tried the new support?

When I upgraded to Debian Jessie I went back to the Debian build of
Xen. I was looking at going back to the bleeding edge to get this

> Sorry for my bad english.

English is very good actually.

>>> Regards.
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>>> Best regards,
>>>   Simon                            mailto:furryfuttock@xxxxxxxxx

Best regards,
 Simon                            mailto:furryfuttock@xxxxxxxxx

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