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Re: [win-pv-devel] [Xen-devel] PVL XenNet inf


For the device IDs, it is only by modifying the IDs in the inf file that Windows was assigning the xennet drivers to the network card automatically, otherwise they have to be assigned manually.

I did clean the GPLPV drivers, but the xenpci is hard to remove, because Windows treats it as a critical, boot needed, driver, so not all the keys are accessible to be deleted in the registry.

The new xenbus driver is active, and xenpci does not appear in the files list of the loaded files in the driver of the peripherals (at first, I was not cleaning properly xenpci, and it was appearing as a loaded file for the xenbus and xennet drivers).  To be sure, I deleted the xenpci.sys and rebooted, it rebooted properly, otherwise it would give a blue screen with error 7B.

On the virtual computer, every new drivers are loaded, not reporting errors except for xennet, that returns an error 10.  I discovered in Windows logs a generic error (but not tagged as an error) which mentions PnpDeviceProblemCode, which by googling did not reveal much.

Best regards,
Dominic Russell
MSI Bureautique inc.
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In the latest build of XenNet for Windows (April 1st 2016), it does not connect automatically to the network card.  I found that the devide IDs are not right in the inf file, they are :
they should be :

Hi Dominic,

No they should not. XENNET does not bind directly the to the PDOs created by XENBUS; there is a class driver called XENVIF which fits in between. See slide 13 of the presentation at http://www.xenproject.org/developers/teams/windows-pv-drivers.html for a diagram of how the Xen Project Windows PV drivers fit together.

Also, this driver, and the one before that one, both do not start and gives an error 10.  Nothing in the logs of Windows, so I do not know what else to do.  This virtual computer had GPLPV previously.

Did you completely clean the GPLPV drivers from the VM before attempting to use Xen Project drivers? If not then you likely have a whole load of conflicts which are going to be hard to pick apart. I suggest you try to get your VM into a completely clean state first... i.e. remove any oemX.inf packages you find from driver store, remove any PV driver .sys files from system32 and blow away any service keys for those drivers from the registry. Once you have done that rebooted you can then start installing Xen Project PV drivers one at a time.
I suggest starting with XENBUS and then rebooting to make sure it becomes active; that means making sure it creates PDOs and starts logging (it logs via the Xen fixed I/O port 0x12, which is echoed to stderr by a suitably configured QEMU). Once you have got to that stage then you should be able to install the rest of the drivers: XENVIF (network class), XENNET (network device), XENVBD (storage class) and XENIFACE (user interface).

I'm running xen 4.5.3.

That should be fine. I believe the drivers will function with any Xen from 3.4 onwards.


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