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Re: [win-pv-devel] [Xen-devel] PV drivers 8.2.2. only testsigned?

Moving xen-devel to bcc and cc-ing win-pv-devel...

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> Subject: [Xen-devel] PV drivers 8.2.2. only testsigned?
> Hi there,
> after downloading the drivers from
> https://xenproject.org/windows-pv-drivers/ I discovered that the 8.2.2.
> driverset is only testsigned - making it difficult to install and use
> them. I understand that signing is a complicated process and that
> development build drivers are always only testsigned - but the
> development build drivers are on the right side of the page and the
> 8.2.2. download is on the left. To me it seems to suggest "left side has
> release drivers with valid signing, right side has development builds
> with test signing"

Yes, normally we would not list a non-dev driver set here until they were 
signed. Not sure why that happened; they'd still be visible on xenbits.xen.org 
anyway but listing them along with signed sets is misleading. I'll try to get 
them removed until they have been signed.

> I just wanted to ask about any plans to release the 8.2.2. drivers with
> valid signing... or how the decision wether to sign or only to testsign
> is made...

The drivers normally stay test-signed until they have been properly tested and 
tagged. I will hopefully sign this set shortly.


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