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Re: [win-pv-devel] Request to add back support for VS2012

Hello Paul,

VS 2015 added the new compiler optimizer in Update 3 so I would also consider it buggy. VS2013 should be safe too but AFAIK VS2013 was never as widely used as VS2012 - that is why I would recommend to stay with VS2012.


Regards Andreas

On 23.04.2019 10:14, Paul Durrant wrote:
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Hallo Paul + Owen,

please add back support for VS2012. If you google for "visual studio
2017 code generation bug" you'll find an overwhelming number of reports
that talk about severe code generation (invalid code) problems. This is
due to a new optimizer (see
https://devblogs.microsoft.com/cppblog/author/gratilupms/). VS2012 has
the old mature compiler.
But AFAIK it is well out of support. Does VS2015 not work for you?


You can also take a look at the release notes of VS2017 and you'll find
a lot of code generation bugs listed there too.

Regards Andreas

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