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[win-pv-devel] Please submit Summit Design Sessions before May 6th

Hi all,

we are planning to launch the program for the Xen Project Developer Summit the 
week of May 6th. In the interest of attracting more attendees it is important 
that we have a good program when we launch. The talk submissions have been good 
this year, but as 50% of our content are design sessions it would be amazing if 
we could launch with as many design sessions as possible as it will make it 
easier for some attendees to get travel approval to come to the event. 

Thus, if you already have a design session in mind, please submit it now or at 
the latest by May 6th

Best Regards
P.S.: I BCC'ed people who have submitted talks to the summit 

How to create a design session
1: Go to https://design-sessions.xenproject.org/
2: Create a username, but unless you want your e-mail address to be public 
don't use your e-mail address as username
3: Submit a design session

If you are submitting a design session you are expected to moderate and lead 
the discussion. However, if you feel uncomfortable doing so, a more experienced 
moderator such as I or any of the maintainers can help and co-moderate. 

Note that design sessions are NOT talks, but discussions with tangible output 
(e.g. a set of notes published on a list, photos of whiteboards, etc). A few 
slides to introduce a topic are permissible. As moderator, you don't have to 
write the notes, but can nominate someone in the group of people attending the 
session to do so. 

What has been submitted so far
See https://design-sessions.xenproject.org/list/discussion
What are design sessions?
The aim of the Design and Problem Solving sessions are to give developers the 
opportunity to meet face-to-face to:
* Coordinate and plan upcoming features
* Discuss and agree on the design and architecture of future functionality
* Solve specific problems in existing and 
* Discuss and agree on best practices and changes to how the community works
* Interactive lessons learned sessions covering experiences of contributors, 
users and vendors

Examples of past Design Sessions
* Cadence of Xen Project and maintenance releases
* Developing the architecture and design for Xen Project live patching
* Updating the Xen Project security policy
* Evolution of virtual machine introspection (including HW assistance) in the 
Xen Hypervisor
* How to de-privileging QEMU and the x86 emulator to reduce the impact of 
security vulnerabilities in those components,
* Implementing KConfig support which allows to remove parts of Xen at compile 
time and run-time disablement of Xen features to reduce Xen’s trusted computing 
* Planning the next stage of PVH (which led to a re-think and PVH v2)
* Planning sessions for Xen Hardware support, including how to implement PCI 
passthrough on ARM, how we can improve testing for the increasing range of ARM 
HW with support for virtualization, and how to implement alt2pm on Intel 
* Release planning
* Restartable Dom0 and driver domains
* Testing and testing frameworks

There is no CfP for design sessions: sessions can still be submitted during the 
conference. There is also no pre-determined schedule: attendees will during the 
event vote on which sessions to attend and our design session scheduling tool 
will do automatic scheduling trying to minimise conflicts between attendees. 

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