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RE: Unrecognized device in Device manager

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  • From: Paul Durrant <xadimgnik@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 28 Aug 2020 14:45:54 +0100
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Sent: 24 August 2020 17:12
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Subject: Unrecognized device in Device manager

Hello. I’m using PV ver 9.0.0 drivers on win2019std server. All drivers are 
installed except there is “Xen PV Console #0” device under “Other devices” in 
Windows device manager. I’ve tried to update the driver with all available 
9.0.0 drivers but nothing picks up. One thing to note is that I didn’t enable 
“Windows test mode” when I installed these drivers, and I’m wondering if that 
caused this. Windows is running fine, except one thing: Keyboard doesn’t work 
through VNC. Only when I RDP, it works. I’m guessing this is related but not 
100% sure. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 
Thank you,



Do you see the yellow warning triangle next to the device in device manager? 
The fact it is called "Xen PV Console #0" suggests to me that it is up and 
running. I'm surprised anything is working without enabling test signing though.
The console device is not related to the keyboard. What it enables is the 
ability to get a shell in Windows when running 'xl console <domid>' from dom0. 
Your keyboard issue is likely to be related to a driver called XENHID. You 
should be able to see a 'PV keyboard' entry under HID devices in device 
manager; if you disable that then keyboard should revert back to emulated PS/2 
which should hopefully work for you.





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