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[Xen-devel] Xen 3.1 released!


We're pleased to announce the official release of Xen 3.1!

This represents a major milestone in the Xen project containing performance
and stability enhancements, additional features for all architectures, and a
brand new management API. Highlights of this release include:

 - XenAPI 1.0 support
    - XML configuration files for virtual machines;
    - VM life-cycle management operations; and
    - Secure on- or off-box XML-RPC with bindings for many languages
 - Preliminary save/restore/migrate support for HVM (e.g. Windows) VMs;
 - Dynamic memory control for HVM guests;
 - 32-on-64 PV guest support (run PAE PV VMs on a 64-bit Xen!); and
 - Blktap copy-on-write disk support.

You can get the source using mercurial from:

Source and binary tarballs, and RPMs, are available from:

Keir (on behalf of the whole Xen dev team)

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