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Re: [Xen-announce] Call for nominations for new Hypervisor subproject maintainers and committers

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that this hasn't dropped off my radar. We do have 
a shortlist of people now, and I will need to reach out to people who were 
nominated (and may not know they were). However due to Easter, the time-frame 
may slip by a week.

> On 24 Feb 2016, at 18:51, Lars Kurth <lars.kurth.xen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Dear Community members,
> I wanted to inform you that both Keir Fraser and Tim Deegan, have 
> formally stepped down in their roles as committers from the Hypervisor 
> team. In addition, you may have seen that Ian Campbell recently 
> transferred maintainer-ship for many components to other community 
> members (see http://bit.ly/1RnM8JP). This means that Ian will take a much 
> less active role within the project in the future. 
> First and foremost, the remaining committers and the Xen Project 
> Advisory Board would like to thank Keir, Tim and Ian for serving the
> Xen Project community and their manyfold and diverse contributions.
> Given, that as a project, we have found it difficult to promote 
> contributors to maintainer and committer roles in the past, the remaining 
> group of committers felt that we should use a more formal appointment 
> process to successions and succession planning and have asked me to 
> organise this process. Taking a longer term view, the committers also 
> felt that we should not restrict the appointment process to replacing
> committer positions only, but to consider additional committer positions 
> based on merit and to also include new maintainer nominations.
> Thus, to fill these positions, we are soliciting nominations. To nominate
> yourself or someone else within the community, please send e-mail to 
> appointments@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx with one of the following subject lines: 
> - "Maintainer Nomination of [name]"
> - "Committer Nomination of [name]"
> Nominees will of course be asked, privately, whether they would be 
> willing to serve, if they have been nominated by someone else.
> Please provide contact details (at least the full name and e-mail address 
> of nominee) in the body of the e-mail and describe why the nominee would 
> be a good fit a maintainer and/or committer. The body of the nomination 
> should list technical knowledge that is needed to be a maintainer and/or 
> committer and highlight core areas of expertise. In addition, we are also 
> interested in specific instances, where the nominee showed communication 
> and open source leadership qualities. 
> For example:
> * Was able to help resolve disagreements, both technical and non-
>  technical, which you were a party to or observer of.
> * Was able to contribute to improve quality and architectural consistency 
>  across several components within the Hypervisor
> * Has been involved in coordinating the activities of several community 
>  members 
> * Has led or driven technical initiatives or larger scale feature 
>  development within the community 
> * Has mentored and encouraged newcomers to the community
> * Has represented the project or aspects of it (e.g. via talks, blog 
>  posts, ...)
> * Has shown other communication and open source leadership qualities
> Being a maintainer and/or committer does require a time commitment. 
> Nominees should be able to follow e-mail discussions on xen-devel@ on an 
> ongoing basis and respond within a couple of days so that discussions 
> progress. Committers should ideally be able to spend a minimum of 4-5 
> days working on the project per month. For maintainers, the time 
> requirement is likely less. 
> We anticipate starting our selection process according to the following 
> rough time-table. 
> Today:    Public call for nominations for new committers and maintainers 
>          (self-nominations and 3rd-party nominations both welcome)
> March 11: Closing date for nominations

We are here and now have a short-list. 

> up to
> March 30: We email non-self-nominated nominees in private to ask them 
>          to confirm whether they are willing to act as nominees. 
>          We will also discuss with all nominees, time commitment and 
>          other possible questions (from both nominees and existing
>          committers), related to the proposed nominations.

I will start this after Easter Monday.

> March 30: We conduct a formal vote to ratify nominations
> April 6:  We publish the new maintainers and committers
>          (we may do this earlier)

I expect that this will slip by a week, as some people will be on vacation due 
to Easter.

Best Regards
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