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Re: [Xen-API] New API Document and C Bindings


I had a look at the much more explicit enumeration of accessor functions for each one of the defined class. I am wondering what the rationale behind some of the set-ters is. For example the VIF class has members type, device, network, VM etc. Shouldn't these be marked RO_ins and have no associated set-ters after object creation? Can you actually change the type once the object has been created or move the VIF to another VM (set_VM)? Similar on VBD.


xen-api-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 08/25/2006 02:58:21 PM:

> Hi all,
> I've put a new version of the Xen Management API document and the
> corresponding C bindings on the Xen-API wiki page (and they are attached).
> There's nothing very exciting in the document -- I've just updated the todo
> list, basically.
> The C bindings have been updated to the new way of passing results back and
> handling errors.  The API calls now look a lot like this:
>     xen_vm vm;
>     if (!xen_vm_get_by_uuid(session, &vm,
>                             "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000"))
>     {
>         print_error(session);
>         CLEANUP;
>         return 1;
>     }
> That is, you pass a pointer to the result destination, which will befilled if
> the call is successful, or NULL otherwise, and you get a boolean result from
> the actual function call to tell you whether or not an error occurred.
> I've also added the appropriate casts so that this code compiles under GCC 4.0
> with -Werror.
> Have fun hacking, and to all the Brits out there, happy holidays,
> Ewan.
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