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Re: [Xen-API] HVM graphics support

On Thu, Dec 28, 2006 at 10:35:19AM -0700, Jim Fehlig wrote:

> I have been working on HVM support via CIM and realized there is no 
> support in the API for all of the graphics-related configuration options 
> currently supported via 'xm config files', e.g.:
> sdl=
> vnc=
> vnclisten=
> vncdisplay=
> vncunused=
> vncconsole=
> vncpassword=
> nographic=
> stdvga=
> full-screen=
> keymap=
> keymap doesn't belong in this list but added it since there is no 
> support in the API for specifying it either.  Perhaps it should just be 
> a property added to the VM class.
> As for the others, how about a Graphics class that can be added to a VM 
> similar to VBD and VIF devices?  I have not had an opportunity to take 
> the PV framebuffer support for a spin so not sure how it would relate to 
> a Graphics class.

Yes, we've been thinking along similar lines here too.  At the end of November
I put in modelling for the "Console" class, which is where we intended to put
these options, and like you say, the modelling is very similar to the VBD and
VIF handling.  We've added a protocol field, which allows you to choose VNC
versus SDL, but that's all that's gone in at the moment.

This doesn't work at the moment, because it hasn't been implemented in Xend
yet.  The intention is to add settings for all those fields that you mention
above, and of course implement the Xend-side stuff.  It's on our list
(somewhere behind the networking stuff and the asynchronous task handling).


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