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Re: [Xen-API] xen management ap versus xend-tcp-xmlrpc-server

On Wed, Jan 24, 2007 at 07:34:15PM +0100, Henning Sprang wrote:

> Hi,
> Ad here my actual question:
> the xend-config.sxp file contains multiple settings for some magic
> xml-rpc service, xend-tcp-xmlrpc-server amongst others.
> Enabling this one, for example, seems to do nothing - no tcp port is
> listening on anything.
> I cannot find any docs.
> What's the diference between the xen-api-server, which seems something
> very new, and seems to be configured with only this one parameter, and
> the things configured with xend-tcp-xmlrpc-server and his freinds, whic
> seems older,  but to have no effect.
> Do I have to compile xen with specific options to enable it?

You're right that xen-api-server is very new -- I snuck this in at the end of
the 3.0.4 release cycle, so that people could try the Xen-API support.  It
will be available as a full release, not a preview, with 3.0.5.

The only documentation of that option is in tools/examples/xend-config.sxp
(though I think that the comments there are pretty comprehensive).  If you
could update the main docs, then that would be great.

You don't have to enable specific options, though you do need to be using
3.0.4 or above (preferably xen-unstable, because it's still changing a fair

xend-tcp-xmlrpc-server et al are the legacy interfaces into Xend.  Certainly
if you turn one of these on and restart Xend you should see open ports.

Here's a quick run through:

xend-http-server: Very old and totally broken HTML interface and legacy,
generally working SXP-based interface, on port 8000.

xend-unix-server: Ditto, using a unix domain socket.

xend-unix-xmlrpc-server: Legacy XML-RPC server, over HTTP/unix, the recommended
way to access Xend in 3.0.4.

xend-tcp-xmlrpc-server: Ditto, over TCP, on port 8006.

xen-api-server: All new, all shiny Xen-API interface, available in preview
form now, and landing for 3.0.5.



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