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[Xen-API] newbie question - unable to connect with Java API

after downloading and building the Java implementation of the Java
API, I've been unable to connect to a variety of different Xen
Do I have to use a server that has the open source 3.1 version of Xen?
(I've been trying to connect to 1. XenSource version 4.1 (able to
connect using Python, following the example in the 1.1 API docs) ,

2. Xensource 3.2,
3. the Xen that comes with RH Enterprise 5.0, all unsuccessfully.
Get the error "no route to host", even though the Xenserver and machine
with the Java code can both ping each other, and I can connect to the
Xenserver using putty and scp.


ronald long
IBM CMT Kirkland Wa

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