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[Xen-API] Re: Xen monitoring clients

Hi Shankar,

i`m in monitoring, i do monitor XenSource 4.0.1/4.1 Hosts.
The monitoring is done from a remote host.
The following attributes can be monitored with the script:

cpu utilisation ( XenHost / Guestsystems )
memory usage (  XenHost / Guestsystems )
network I/O (  XenHost / Guestsystems )
disk I/O (  Guestsystems )

the monitored data is stored with rrdtool. Its possible
to create some nice graphs with another tool.

Each new Guestsystem will be added automatically to the

You don`t need any extra tools despite of rrdtool.

There are still 2 many bugs left, but its working fine since
1.5 months. Soon it will be published under the GPL.

With kind regards,


P.S. my email is working but i`ve not 2 much time, so i`ll post here
when and where it can be found when its available (2-4weeks).

shankar ganesh wrote:

Is there is any client which monitors the Xenserver or any one who monitors for Xenserver.


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