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[Xen-API] Using Python(xm) Scripts

Hello, I've been working with Xen 3.2 along this year (08/2009),

I'm developing a System with the purpose of Intrusion Tolerance Service,

I've done a script (sh) to Install and config some DomU's (fedora, centOs, Ubuntu,Debian, NetBSD), I have a little work to do with FreeBSD and Windows Xp [PVM approach...I think...since the FreeBSD DomU-xen Kernel doesn't exist anymore].

But my serious question is: How can I "change"/use by my own the xm api. So, I want to do a program [maybe C] that use directly xm script, but my only problem its the limitation of C with sh calling for example, sytem("xm create debian.cfg"), I want get by parameter debian.cfg but it seems to be impossible[in C with system(...)]... so a think if I could use directly xm code I will get more advantages of Xen. I tried to run main.py in the lib/xen/python/xm but doesn't work... so, anyone could already modify the xm main scripts ?


Miguel Garcia
«The only limiting factor of the Linux operating system, is his user.» - Linus Torvalds

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