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Re: [Xen-API] release of 'xapi' toolstack

Hey Thomas!

There are also plenty of consumers within xapi for SExpr without the thread-safety, so renaming it would be a pretty intrusive patch (e.g. the autogen and rpc backends use it directly).

How about the attached patch to rename to SExpr_TS for 'thread-safe' instead of Sexpr_marshal ?  Both SExpr and SExpr_TS are publically used APIs within xapi.

I don't actually need this module for anything, I just want to check out the released trees on my work Mac! :-)


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On 4 Nov 2009, at 14:26, Thomas Gazagnaire wrote:

Hi Anil ;-)
Thanks for your patch! However, sexpr.ml aims to be the public interface for that library so it would be better to rename SExpr.ml into sexpr_internals.ml or something similar instead. And ideally, it would be even better to have a proper library interface to hide these details to the outside.
So, would it be possible for you to resend a new patch doing that renaming than we could apply?
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On 3 Nov 2009, at 15:30, Dave Scott wrote:

 -- internal libraries (e.g. for talking to xenstore)
This repository fails to checkout at all on MacOS X due to a case-sensitivity conflict with sexpr/s{E|e}xpr.ml. 
Patch attached to rename the thread-safe string conversion module to sexpr_marshal instead.

And a patch attached to rename uses of Sexpr to Sexpr_marshal here as well. Not compile tested as I dont have a dev environment for Xapi here yet.

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