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Re: [Xen-API] stdext compilation on macos x

On 4 Nov 2009, at 20:44, Dave Scott wrote:

Given that (i) this is the last segfault I can remember; (ii) it was debugged
by catching the crash in gdb anyway (syslog complete with dodgy fmt string was
on the stack); and (iii) this stuff is switched off by default anyway I think
we can GC this too. We can always put it back if we think we need it for some

Thanks for the clarification; here's the patchset I'm running with on MacOS then (and the xapi patch to remove the debug options, which I can't test here).

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- I notice a comment in uuid/ which uses /dev/urandom instead of /dev/ random
since its too slow.  Is there anything wrong with replacing this with the
Random module (with a Random.self_init it should be random and fast enough).

Hm, before doing that I'd like to check that we're not using a bunch of UUIDs
somewhere where we really need a random source (rather than a pseudorandom one).
In principle I think this is fine.

Could always call Random.init with a seed from /dev/random which should improve randomness over self_init (which only uses PID/time). Anyway, it isn't that important, I was just curious about the comment.

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