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RE: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] xapi toolstack (xen-api-libs): fix compile errors

Hello Thomas,

looks that our mails crossed in time.

Thanks for your answer about the XS_RESTRICT. It answers my questions from the other mail.

XS_RESTRICT is defined in this Xen patch-queue:
Does this mean, that the xen-api toolchain does not work (compile) with xen-unstable or some currently released Xen? Does it only compile with some Citrix internal available source?

About xb.mli file: it is supposed to be the exposed interface ...
Yes - you are right - there are comments in this file.

But I'm not sure if this is the best place for comments. IMHO when somebody changes the xb.ml file, the xb.mli file will be overwritten; see Makefile:
%.mli: %.ml
        $(OCAMLC) -i $< > $@

Who will re-add the comments?

I think it would be better here to have a separate file for the comments and let the mli file be created automatically.

To reproduce my original problem:
make && make allxen && emacs xb/xb_stubs.c

Replace XS_REPLACE with 128

Then 'make allxen' prints:
File "xb.ml", line 1, characters 0-1:
Error: The files op.cmi and xb.cmi make inconsistent assumptions
       over interface Op

A 'touch xb/xb.mli && make allxen' works.

IMHO this is because of missing dependencies in the Makefile. Try to add one additional operation in op.ml and type 'make'. You'll see a similar error. It looks that dependency tracking is missing:
Example: xb.ml uses op.ml but it is not rebuild when op.ml changes.

Kind regards - Andreas

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